Senatry EN

Prepare yourself for the most advanced strategy game of 2012 with an ancient Roman background.

★★★★★  “Fantastic game! I really love it!”
★★★★★ “RTS, RPG and city-simulation all-in-one!”

iSenatry offers the best gameplay of RTS, RPG and city-building simulation.

● Collect Resources During the Fight.
In iSenatry, all resources come from battles. Players fight NPCs and rival players to harvest Crops and Silver. Get Exploits and Prestige through battles.

● Units and Arrays.
Utilize 80+ Units and 10 Arrays to fight. Adopt the right Array accordingly and assign proper heroes as MT, DPS, Controller and healer.

● Family Feud.
Hundreds of gamers join the fight the domain wars.

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Note: A network connection is required to play
Works with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S,5, iPod touch 3rd & 4th gen, all iPads
Requires iOS 5.1.0 or later

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