SelfRegulate from IlluminateBrain

SelfRegulate has an amazing collection of 8 Task Switching and Emotional Control games for your Brain. These games are designed to enhance your multitasking, mental flexibility and response inhibition skills. Playing these games a few minutes everyday can work wonders on the Executive Function capabilities of your Brain.

If you have ever felt the need for the following, this Game set is designed exactly for you.

“I want to be good in multitasking, managing a variety of thought processes”
“I want to improve my accuracy and perfection in whatever tasks I undertake”
“I want to control my emotions and behave as appropriate to the context”

Topics:- Games included in this App are

1) Impulse Response
a) Flower Garden
b) Color Blocks
c) Color Names
d) Puzzling Arrows

2) Task Switching
a) Fruits & Vegetables
b) Sports & Transport
c) Birds & Animals
d) Shapes & Colors

1) Very simple and elegant design
2) Scoring and timing modes to encourage competitive spirit and track your progress
3) Interactive appreciation / feedback after each game level
4) Very relaxing and soothing game sound track and audio effects
5) Auto-saves the games when you quit or answer a phone call

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