Seek 60

“60 LETTERS…mystery WORDS…lots of FUN!”

If you like crossword puzzles, word searches, anagrams, and little word games, then you’ll absolutely love Seek 60!

Seek 60 is a simple and challenging word game where your objective is to seek 60 missing letters in multiple mystery words!

TWO play modes:

1) CHALLENGE Mode: You have 60 SECONDS to seek 60 missing letters in multiple mystery words!

2) PUZZLE Mode: Piece together 60 letters split into multiple letter groups to solve mystery words with clues…NO TIME LIMIT!

Plus view a Cheat Sheet if you need help solving words!


FIVE sections of word categories:

1) GEOGRAPHY (Challenge + 30 Puzzles)

2) SPORTS (Challenge + 60 Puzzles)

3) ANIMALS (Challenge + 60 Puzzles)

4) FOOD (Challenge + 60 Puzzles)

5) NAMES (Challenge + 60 Puzzles)

…plus more sections on the way!


Compete against your FRIENDS and others on the Game Center LEADERBOARDS plus earn ACHIEVEMENTS!

Seek 60 is FUN, CHALLENGING, and very ADDICTIVE!

Don’t miss out…play Seek 60 now!

The first section is already unlocked and the other sections can be unlocked for a small fee.

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