Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 4

Secret of the Lost Cavern is an adventure game that plunges the player into an inspiring journey that takes place during the Paleolithic period in prehistoric time, 15,000 years B.C.

The gameplay and each puzzle are designed to take unique advantage of the touch capabilities of the iPhone. 3D graphics and videos are also optimized for an unparalleled visual quality on mobile devices.


In 15,000 B.C.

Strange symbols found while hunting remind Arok of an encounter with a charismatic traveler a long time ago. In order for him to find his long-forgotten friend, the most brilliant painter of Prehistoric times, Arok begins a long and perilous journey.

Play as Arok and enter a fascinating and bewitching Stone Age adventure. Learn about Prehistoric life, follow the path of your mentor and work with him to recreate the paintings of the renowned Lascaux Cave.
Venture through a wild time and decipher the symbols left by our ancestors. Hunt, fish, cut stones, paint animated frescoes and take part in mysterious shamanist ceremonies to win your place among the Lascaux Cave artist tribe.

Will you be able to come through our ancestors’ secrets and survive in this wild and harsh world?


– Hyper-realistic graphics and amazing environments including rivers, green valleys, troglodyte caves…
– Wild animals and many prehistoric characters to interact with in order to achieve your quest.
– Original soundtrack and sound effects creating an immersive atmosphere.
– Available in english, french, spanish, italian and german languages
– Intuitive tutorial will guide you in your first steps in the game

– If you don’t know what to do, start a new game and follow the tutorial.
– Listen carefully the video, they’ll give you a lot of hints.
– Click on the bulb light to activate or deactivate the built-in help.
– if you’re stuck in the game, you’ll find help and answers on our forum

The 4 episodes are back only for a limited time to allow customers to complete the collection. If you didn’t buy any of them yet, you should consider buying the full game which contains all 4 episodes in one application.



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