Sea Spell

Sea Spell is a cool new way to practice spelling everyday words.

The gameplay is simple. Choose to spell the picture or guess the word, then make words my moving the bouncy letters with your finger. Spell flawlessly to earn bonus points and power ups, but be careful! A pesky seagull looms on the horizon and threatens to gobble up your letters if you don’t complete the word quickly enough!

To reward for your efforts, there is a medal and certificate for completing each challenge, so get to it!

Each spelling category is matched with it’s own beautiful oceanic scene, and includes over 20 hand drawn illustrations to capture your child’s imagination. Even the medallions look realistic!

The app covers the most fundamental Numbers, Shapes and Colors. For more of a challenge, optional In App Purchases will unlock Fruits, Vegetables, Clothes, Transportation and Animals.

By enabling Game Center, your kids Achievements and High Scores to be shared with friends.

We made Sea Spell to give our own kids a head start in spelling, so we welcome your feedback. Help us spread the word by rating the the app on the App Store, or visit our Facebook page!

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