Scribble Show

Scribbling never was so fun, and Megan is prepared to debut at the Scribble Show! Draw all the scribbles before they reach the floor and help her achieve the best performance of the event.

Scribble Show combines intense drawing action with accurate and precise touch controls. Draw the falling Scribbles by simply swiping your finger across the screen and use Power-Ups to help you climb the high score board.

Use the Power-Ups to keep Megan on stage. Blow Up, Freeze, Reduce Speed and more! She depends on you.

Scribble Show uses a unique gesture recognizer system that lets you draw freely and enjoy the intense gameplay.

Game Center Leaderboards: Players can see how their score compares to friends and other Scribble Makers throughout the world via online leaderboards.

Scribble Show is compatible with: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3 (16GB and above), iPod Touch 4 and iPad.

Optimized for Retina display.

-The simplicity and creativity of Scribble Show are what make it fun to play.
-Scribble Show is a unique pick up and play title with polished graphics that does well in a game category that the app store doesn’t have much of.

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