Screenshot Quiz: Video Games

If you like VIDEO GAMES then this is the perfect app for you! With this interactive quiz game, you can challenge your friends, recall and relive nostalgic moments of your childhood and get to know new and old games of all different platforms. We created categories for all kinds of gamers. Casual gamers and fanatics will also feel challenged by this game.

If you are stuck, there is no need for panic. There are hints for every screenshot, and you can even reveal full answers by spending in-game coins. Also, you can ask your friends for help on facebook.


*Mobile Games: Recent games available for mobile devices, with exclusive DOWNLOAD button that takes you directly to the App Store download page.

*PC and Console games: Well known games released after 2000.

*Retro Games: Classics released before 2000.

*Video Game Characters: The most iconic characters you have seen in video games.

Have fun, be sure to tell your friends about this game and rate it 5 stars! Please leave feedback: we know that there is always room for improvement.

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