Screaming Pro

★”Scream” is a vent and sonic game, designed for the people who has no channel to express their pressure. The players are allowed putting all the emotions to shout out.★
The game features:
◆Screaming has cute cartoon game interface and image;
◆Screaming lets players release all the pressure and strains from living;
◆Screaming allows players shouting as loudly as possible,enjoying the fully experience of vent.
◆Screaming is designed a series of interesting points, more remarkable content is added in, making the players want to shout out aloud, and then they will be in a merry mood.
How to play:
◆Players need to control their voice to shattered glass, blast watermelon and open cans in the game, in order to achieve the best scores.
◆Players also could take a hated person`s photo, and then shout out their angry to express unsatisfied.
◆Shouting is also a form of exercise. Shouting twice everyday,let us say goodbye to sub-health!

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