Screaming Goats

AHHHHH! Goats yelling like humans sure cause a lot of TROUBLE. Listen to their screams and play an addicting game. Make the goats yell over your music by playing it in the background. Listen to audio of the famous Goats Yelling Like Humans video that went viral in early 2013. Don’t strain your voice when you want to yell at somebody. Let a goat do it for you with your mobile device!

The game is simple yet addictive. Control the white goat and scream at the brown goats to try and stop them from getting by. Move the white goat with a joystick and tap on the screen where you want to scream at the brown goats. If they are hit with your scream, you will earn points. Let 5 brown goats get by and it’s game over.

Compare your high scores with friends or other players worldwide with game center! Also keep track of your personal 5 best scores.

Screaming Goats is optimized for all iOS devices: all iPhone/iPod Touch models including retina and iPhone 5 screens, as well as all iPads including retina and mini.

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