Scrambler – Ultimate Word Helper for SCRABBLE®, Words with Friends and Wordfeud crossword games

*On Sale for a limited time!*

***** Note: This app is not a game but a word finder and a dictionary app. *****

Scrambler is the ultimate word helper for SCRABBLE, Words with Friends and Wordfeud crossword games, which will give you that much needed edge over your opponents. With built-in dictionary, you can easily check the meaning of words, as well as let the word finder do the job for you and give you the best combinations for your tiles.

- Words are sorted by their point value, always giving you the best words first.
- You can enter up to 8 letters to find words from
- Dictionary included to check immediately meaning of words
- Save favorite words
- See recent searches
- Record notes to each word
- No ads or hidden in-app purchases
- and much more

Get it Now and show your friends who is the word master.

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