Scramble Your Friends Free

Like playing challenging word games? Scramble Your Friends is a turn based app that lets you challenge your friends to a new kind of word game! Dominate your friends by creating killer words while exercising your brain!


You are given a board of letters. Try to make a word by tapping or swiping adjacent letters. You will gain a score based on the letters you use, how many letters you have used, and any modifiers associated with those letters.

Once you are done creating a word, you get to replace the letters that you have used with new letters. This gives you the strategic opportunity to create a board that makes it harder for your opponent to make a word!


Use items to make that killer high scoring word! The game allows you to use three items to help you make a word:

Swap any two letters on the board

Shuffle all of the letters on the current board

Add multiplier
Add an additional multiplier to the board (Double word, Triple word, Plus Eight and Plus Twelve)

No Login Required
You don’t have to provide an email address or password. As soon as you begin the game we immediately create an account for you to start playing against your friends!

Random Play
Tired of beating your friends over and over again? Challenge a random player to a game!

Facebook Integration
Immediately see all of your friends who are also playing ‘Scramble Your Friends’ and challenge them to a game! Invite your friends who don’t have the game yet!

3 Day Rule
Tired of waiting days for an opponent to make a move? If your opponent doesn’t respond within three days, you can end the game and claim victory!

Upgrade Scramble Your Friends today!
No ads
Can play up to 20 games simultaneously instead of 10

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