Scouts SIA Lite

*****take the first steps in this epic adventure*****

*****3 action packed mini-game levels*****

*****updated for iOS6 and iPhone 5*****

The Scouts: Secret Island Adventure LITE is the official UK Scouts Association App that will test your Scouting skills to the limit. Take the first steps in this epic adventure, and enjoy a retro-looking game for all those budding explorers!

Choose your neckerchief, sling on your backpack, and start exploring the island. You will have to have your wits about you, collecting, combining and using items to solve perplexing puzzles, complex obstacles and head-scratching challenges. Are you Scout enough to discover the Secret Knowledge?

And the adventure doesn’t end there. The LITE version also includes 3 addictive mini-game levels: hang-gliding, mountain boarding and kayaking. Can you get the fastest time across all levels and prove your abilities in the air, water and on the ground?

Are you Scout enough?

Please note: the images displayed on this page have been taken from the full version of the game, and thus might include areas of the game which are not open or available on the LITE version of the game.

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