Scorpion 3D

Meet your Scorpion warrior. Turn around and enjoy all his beautiful details.

You can pet him, but he will fight you back. He does not like when his claws and string are tapped. Touch those at your own risk.
Scorpion can be armed with additional equipment. It includes scythes, cannons, laser guns, mace and spikes.

You can also change the coating of you scorpion. You can choose from red, black and silver.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
– Tap claws or sting to attack.
– Tap the head to see your scorpion shake.
– Drag your finger to turn around your scorpion.
– Tap the button on top right corner to alternate the equipment.
– Tap the button on top left corner to change the coating.
– Shake your device to recover and clear the screen.

*** WHAT IS NEXT ***
– Next is something incredible. But first, get familiar with your future warrior!

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