Schmutz is a physics puzzler with a dirty twist. Literally.

*** Schmutz is currently NOT compatible with the 3rd generation iPad (the new iPad). It does work great on the iPad 1 & 2. I will update the app as soon as possible to support the new iPad. ***

The gameplay is addicting, the concept is simple: get the Mites to touch each other. However, there may be Schmutz in your way. Just rub the Schmutz with your finger to make it go away. As you progress, you’ll discover new gadgets to help you reunite the Mites: wormholes, speedy walls, breakable bricks, and more. Be warned! Some gadgets may not be too helpful. Watch out for Mines, chains, gravity gates, anti-gravity pills, and others.

The better you get, the harder the levels become. For some, you may quickly see a solution. Others may require a few tries before you master the Schmutz.

Try Schmutz today!

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