This app is a live practice application of “Love Live! School idle Festival”.
It is a thing to adjust the timing by touching the yellow circle of nine has been displayed on it to capture the video.
Please keep in mind, such as sound and video files related to the official app is not included.

How to put videos on iPhone
– Camera Roll
– iTunes file sharing
– Dropbox

Live practice view
To move to the live practice view When you select a video from “those in-app” or “Camera Roll”.

Please make sure that the yellow circle to match that of the video.
It’s made to fit what the official circle.

Sound is when you tap the yellow circle.
It would be nice to think that match this timing sound if overlaps the sound of PERFECT.

It is just for you to match the timing only,
It is not possible to measure from this application timing is whether the match really.
Thinking please to match the sense of their own.

The pause by pressing the menu button at the top right.
You can either seek here, slow down the playback speed
And seek bar appears when you tap the appropriate part of the view.
Speed ​​will be slow when you tap the bottom right “x1.0″.
You can practice at a reduced playback speed.

Button to return to the upper left in pause mode is displayed.
exit from the live practice view by pressing the Back button to return to the file selection view.

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