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Scene It? Horror Review

It’s the last half of October, and signs of pumpkin-carving season are all around us: racks of candy in the grocery store, scary movie marathons on TV, and Halloween-themed games on the App Store. Scene It? Horror is a good iPhone or iPad game to pull out for your costumed get-togethers, but it may also keep your interest year-round.

Thankfully expanding the audience that was micro-targeted by Scene It? Twilight and Scene It? 30 Rock, Scene It? Horror fully covers the scary movie genre. Topics range from classic Hitchcock and 80’s slashers to recent releases like The Wolfman and Paranormal Activity. The only requirement is that you love the movies that aim to freak you out.

Heeeere’s Jason!

You can pick one of 30 different sets of questions, which are not randomized, so they’re the same every time you play them. When you finish a set, you can upload your score to Twitter or Facebook. All these questions should last you a few hours, especially if you take the time to watch every video clip and animation, and listen to every sound clip.

Notably, Scene It? Horror is the only game with real clips from movies. While it makes a big difference in the production values, we still found the questions from MovieCat! to be much more interesting. Scene It? Horror tends to play a clip and then ask the basic questions, like who’s the actor, or what’s the name of the movie, which didn’t really require us to dig deep in our memory.

The answer is “Mystic Pizza”.

Once you play through each set of questions, you’re pretty much done with the game. Local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth multiplayer lets you connect to other devices, and Scene It? Horror also has decent pass-and-play iPhone or single-device iPad multiplayer. In addition, Scene It? Horror comes with an absolutely pointless “scream machine” soundboard, useful only for irritating family members or scaring strangers on the bus.

The movie clips are limited, but they do help this relatively tame collection of horror-movie trivia feel a bit more special. If you’re only going to download one movie trivia game for the iPhone, make it the more cuddly MovieCat!, but we can still recommend Scene It? Horror for your scary movie nights.

New App A Day: Scene It? Horror

The Scene It? series of trivia games can be a lot of fun, but this horror-themed version is strictly for the 17+ crowd. It features lots of video clips and images from recent and classic horror movies, most of which are famous for being especially scary or violent.

Scene It? Horror boasts some great production values, and the images and clips are licensed from dozens of horror movies, including recent hits like Paranormal Activity and Drag Me To Hell. There’s also a convenient buy link, if you want to interrupt your trivia game to go shopping.

To prevent questions from repeating, the main game mode has 30 separate games, which offer a handful of trivia questions accompanied by movie scenes. Some questions also offer pixel-art versions of scenes, cartoon renderings, and interactive questions where you have to tap or rub the screen to reveal an image.

Scene It? Horror also has a Hot Potato “Death Match” mode, where you can pass around the device, and a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi local multiplayer mode. There’s even a “Scream Machine” sound board, which doesn’t seem like an especially compelling extra to us.

Scene It? Horror is $2 on the iPhone and $5 on the iPad, but even though it’s got the licensed clips, we still prefer the cuter and broader appeal of MovieCat. Still, if you’ve seen every Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the Thirteenth flick, it’s a small comfort knowing there’s a movie trivia game designed just for you.