ScavengerHunt Paparazzi

ScavengerHunt Paparazzi is a fun ice-breaker to play at parties and events (orientation, conference, convention, family get-togethers, etc…). Play the hunts that are created using Paparazzi Pro! A hunt consists of a group of people chosen to be the “stars”…each person has an alias, three hints and a secret code (that only they know). Players earn points for correctly identifying the people, taking their photo, and getting the star to enter their secret code into the app. The more intrusive you are, the more points you score!

This game includes a “sample” game centered around SXSW…but this is just an example of the types of hunts that can be played (and the different screens and views, as the game progresses). The idea is to use the paid version of the app to create and upload hunts, and then use the free version of the app to play the hunts (hunts can also be played using the paid version)…so the game is free for everyone who wants to play.

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