Scavenger Hunt With Friends Lite

Every one loves scavenger hunts, but traditional hunts require way too much prep and organization – hello Scavenger Hunt with Friends! Now, Scavenger Hunt with Friends finally merges the great world of scavenging with the convenience and flexibility of using your phone. Scavenger Hunt with Friends changes how the world will forever conduct scavenger hunts – no more paper, no more mandatory meet ups, no more hassle – its all done for you in the power of an app!

Easily set up your hunts and complete the items on your list using the camera on your phone to provide evidence that you found the item. Need to find a cat with a lampshade on its head? Grab Mittens and make him a star. Whip out your phone, snap a photo, and upload it. Boom! 100 points! It’s that easy.

Set up one-on-one or multi-player hunts with your friends and compete to see who can complete the most items and rack up the most points. Get points based on the difficulty level of the item – try to beat your friends!

Populate your hunt’s list quickly and easily by making use of our extensive library of items to choose from or set up your own custom lists. Add one or many friends to your hunt or play against a random opponent. Set your hunt’s game duration and hit the streets with your phone and start tackling the items on your list.

The Scavenger Hunt with Friends app definitely has everything you would ever want in a mobile scavenger hunt.

And don’t forget about your overall goal of increasing your ultimate scavenger hunt status. The top three places in each hunt earn different value coins (gold, sliver, and bronze), which over time will increase you hunter status. The more hunts you win and the more players you beat in those hunts, the more coins you get. Try to become the ultimate scavenger hunter and rub it in with your friends!

Now get out there and start scavenging!



Start a hunt > Upload photos of your completed items > Have fun!



★ Custom Hunts – the Scavenger Hunt with Friends app strives to bring you the maximum amount of flexibility for your mobile hunts. Create custom lists, add as many players as you like, and choose your own duration for the game.

★ Quick Start Games – our default games come with a list of items already chosen for you and a default time set. Games with hilarious and creative items can be set up in a manner of seconds.

★ Random Hunts – if you don’t have any friends using this app yet (change that by telling your buddies to download the app!), join a hunt with a random player looking to do the same.

★ Photo Completion – an item isn’t deemed completed until players have proven themselves by uploading the photographic evidence.

★Flag Photos – think someone is using pictures the do not represent an item accurately? No problem. Just flag the picture and tell them to try again. Our flagging system will put a stop to that instantly.

★ Comment on Photos – when you see amazingly awesome pictures let your friend know by leaving a comment.

★ Join Active Hunts – want to be a part of an awesome game that your friends are already playing? No problem. Just search for the game name, wait for the admin to accept you and you’re in!

★ Standings – we track your winnings by awarding coins – gold for first, silver for second, and bronze for third. You will notice though, as your point totals increase your “scavenger status” will also increase :)

★ Items! Items! Items! – this app has the goods! Scavenger Hunts are supposed to be fun and our library of items reflect that goal. Our endless list of original, fun, and entertaining items to complete will be sure to have you and friends rolling on the floor laughing in no time.

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