Say What You See: The Collection

“…one of the best visual puzzle games available for iOS devices right now” – MSN

“I’m very much addicted to Say What You See on iPhone, great free app!” – Harry Potter actor Tom Felton

★Featured in the Apple 2011 Rewind!★

WARNING: Say What You See: The Collection™ is an addictive new puzzling experience that’s perfect for the family to play together. Can you find the movies, TV shows and bands hidden in our paintings?

The app the iPhone was made for, Say What You See: The Collection™ is a hidden object game in the style of Where’s Waldo™/Where’s Wally™ and Dingbats™/Whatzit?™ but with a cryptic twist. Each iCanvas is themed around a different subject, from Scary Movies to Books, TV shows and beyond.

Say What You See: The Collection™ comes with a free deluxe 50 puzzle iCanvas, either 80’s Movies, Scary Movies, RomComs, TV Drama or Books 2 Film, which you can choose between when you first load the app.

Suitable for the whole family, young and old, Say What You See: The Collection™ is a brand new concept in addictive brain teasing. If you get stuck, don’t worry, just remember the golden rule: Say What You See™!

Say What You See: The Collection™ Features:

★ 23 downloadable iCanvases available (80’s Movies HD, 80’s Music HD, Action Movies HD, Arcade Classics HD, Blockbusters HD, Books 2 Film HD, Chart Smashers HD, Creepy Candy HD, Fantasy Movies HD, Football HD, Grace’s Toons HD, Musicals HD, Music Fest HD, Rock Bands HD, RomComs HD, Scary Movies HD, Sci-Fi Movies HD, Sitcoms HD, Superheroes HD, Toys ‘n Games HD, TV Drama HD, Video Games HD, Xmas Songs HD), – including 1 x50 puzzle canvas free with the app.

★ Comes with a 50 puzzle canvas!
★ Regular new free-to-play 10 puzzle iCanvasses.
★ 40 additional new puzzles available for every iCanvas via in app purchase
★ Bonus puzzles updated monthly!
★ A NEW hints system – never get stuck again!
★ Full Game Center compatibility, offering leaderboards, and unique achievements for every canvas.

Praise for Say What You See™ games:

“The most fun visual puzzle game in the App Store” – Free App Hero

“8/10″ – Eurogamer

“★★★★★” – AppSafari

“9/10″ – AppTilt

“For a developer to get it so right on their first try is very impressive indeed.” – Pocket Gamer

“It’s become something of a regular request in our house and looks set to replace bedtime stories for some time.”

“A curiously addictive time-sink.”
– Eurogamer

“Make a dive for the Nyquil, ‘cause this app is going viral.” – iPhone Appidemic

“I enjoyed the heck out of See What You Say, and I give it my personal recommendation.” – Apple Gazette

“Danger! Red alert! Danger! This is one of those games that gets into my brain and won’t let go.” – Invert Y

“A cracking little time waster…”
– Mortis, forum


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