Say It!

Say it is similar to the popular board game Taboo. If you are not familiar with Taboo, read the following description of this game. [This version contains 1600 cards … the largest of any game of this type!]

Say It is an exciting social game that you play with your friends. The first team choses a performer that takes the iPad and starts the timer. A card with words appears on the screen. The word at the top of the card is to be described with words ONLY without saying any of the other words on the card. The goal of the game is to get your team to guess the word you’re describing and move on to the next card, going through as many as possible. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins. It’s simple. It’s fun.

The developer would also like to send a big thank you to Brendan Sheehan who suggested many of the improvements to the app.

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