SaveEarth takes the traditional retro missile arcade game and adds a full 360 degree playing field. Color also now plays a critical role, as defensive missiles must match the same color as incoming missiles. Missiles are launched by touching the screen – multiple missiles can be launched at a time by dragging.

As the game progresses, more and more missiles come faster and faster. The gameplay quickly evolves into a frantic attempt to stem off hordes of incoming missiles.

SaveEarth implements an innovative and outstanding save and resume feature. If an incoming call is accepted mid-game, the exact game state is saved and can be resumed after competing the call. Everything is saved – even in-progress explosions.

Protect the earth from an endless onslaught of incoming missiles. Command your supply of missiles to protect our planet!

Can you survive to 2010?

-Full 360-degree playing field.
-Touch screen to launch missiles.
-Tap the earth to change missile color to match target.
-Perfect save and resume – even mid-explosions are saved.
-See your ranking on our global high score leaderboard.
-Particle explosion effects offer gratuitous eye candy
-Fast OpenGL ES graphics

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