SaveBall is a challenging action game where you have to land a flying ball on the Earth and earn as many points as you can on your way down. But be careful! It won’t be as easy as it sounds! You have to save the ball from hundreds of various enemies and escape from the traps (rains, earthquakes) set by the Mother Nature. You can count on a lot of powerful bonuses which will protect the ball and destroy or stop your enemies.

The three different game modes and the amazing graphics make SaveBall suitable for every user!


* Three game modes: Easy, Medium and Hard

* Variety of balls

* Different level backgrounds

* Different type of platforms: static, moving, disappearing, falling down and large platforms

* Amazing bonuses: iron ball, fire ball, high speed, shake the Earth bonus, pause all moving objects bonus

* Different type static, moving and rotating enemies: hedgehogs, ninja stars, spears, cactuses, nails, knives

* Challenge friends using email

* Share score with friends to Facebook and Twitter

* Local leaderboard for each game mode

* Game center leaderboards and achievements

* Ability to listen to iPod songs while playing

* Use tilt controls to land the ball!/SaveBall

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