Save The Astronauts (HD)

In 2138, the earth will face a disaster of destroy some time. Earth Rescue union now is looking for alternative planet which suit for human beings living and Calls the outstanding astronauts those who will set out to planets which far away from the earth by driving an advanced spacecraft. But unfortunately, the spacecraft was crashed by a meteoric stone when arriving at X-Lokeda galaxy. It caused the astronauts was shot out of the spacecraft. In this moment, Astronaut need your assist. The player will act as a role of astronauts driver, drives spacecraft to rescue the suffered partners. But it was not smooth, the player need skip a large number of meteoric stone and bombs as well as face to enormous Gravitation in the planet. How to rescue the astronaut? Need your telants!

Game video:

‘Save The Astronauts’ is a adventure game with challenge. The target is Using your finger to move spacecraft and take over astronaut. it is simply playing and easy addict-on flight game currently with 60 levels on different features and exhibits which attract you to go further levels for new flight paths.

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