Save The Animal From Ninja

Save The Animal from ninja And Have a Fun with physics based puzzle
superb exciting physics based puzzle game

The animals are in trouble from deadly ninja so government has hired you to save all the animal.
saving animal is your job in this beautiful game as a salary you will get lots of fun cheers.
you have to drag some object like wheel ,baseball bat, magic stick, football or basket ball and drop them in such way that it will cover the animal when you drop every object from top right corner two deadly ninja will appear this ninja will through their weapons towards the animal when you press test now button if any one can touch animal then animal will be killed and job of ninja will be over and you lose other wise ninja will lose and you will taken to the next level.
make sure too save all the animals from ninja
currently available animals : – lion, monkey,hippo,peacock, zebra, elephant, monkeys, pig, rhino, leopard, penguin, cow
more animals coming soon in more levels.
features :-
30 levels or physics based puzzle in increasing difficulty more coming soon
realistic or real time physics
hd graphics
runs at full speed 
realistic jungle music
easy to play but very hard to solve all levels :)
blast mode and fruit mode is coming soon for more enjoyment
standard physics based puzzle game

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