Satellite Defense

Build satellites, blast missiles, and protect planets in a game that’s out of this world! Do you have what it takes to defend the solar system?

Taking place in the year 2083, Satellite Defense captures the conflict between the Humans of Earth and the Aliens of the Virencia Galaxy. Perceiving the pressure of enemy invasion, the Humans unite in creating an array of Satellites equipped with powerful weaponry: Lasers, Rockets, and EMP Bursts. Launched into orbit, these Satellites are Earth’s last, best hope and defense against the Virencian onslaught.

Satellite Defense was designed by two brothers in the basement of a college dorm over the course of their freshman year.

– An array of satellites with powerful weaponry and upgrades
– Lasers, missiles, EMP bursts, and EXPLOSIONS!
– A new twist to the TD genre with waves of fanning enemies
– 12 unlockable maps with progressive difficulty
– Original soundtrack
– Leaderboard
– Auto-save/resume for instant pick up and play action

How to play:
Drag and drop satellites into your planet’s orbit to defend the solar system from the onslaught of enemy missiles. Earn points and credits to upgrade your satellites. Survive the waves to win, unlocking new maps and placing your name amongst the stars.

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