SAT US History 2013 Game

Recommended by teachers and students alike, this app will help you prepare for the US History SAT Subject Test (College Board) for 2013 – using a fun gameshow theme. Get all the questions right, and you win a million dollars as well as a way to ace that SAT Subject Test!

If you’re done with flashcards, textbooks, Kaplan and Princeton Review, this is the perfect app to help you revise and get that 800 score you need. Whether you’ve just cracked open your US History books, or you’re in the final stages of test prep, this exam bank is great way to study for the SATs.

– Over 500 original US History questions, designed especially for the US History SAT
– A way to keep track of your highest scores and overall performance
– A fun game show theme to learn and have fun

Tell us how you did on our SAT practice app! And stay tuned for further practice SAT subject test prep material for SAT Literature, SAT Math, SAT Chemistry, SAT Physics and SAT Biology.

You can do it!

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