Is the Christmas good day for you, or are you depressed about it?

This application is a touch-action game,
which is made for either type of people.

There are two types of mode that you can play,
where you can choose the mode depending on your condition.

1. Normal Mode
Touch as many Good Santa as you can, and let him be happy!
Be aware that points will be deducted if you touch Bad Santa.

2. Attack Mode
Forget all your stresses by smashing Bad Santa!!
Of course, please try not to smash Good Santa.

When you touch Santa, you will get points.
If you do it well and points aren’t dedected,
then you will receive more and more points.
So, try COMBO!!
(Don’t forget that Santa is not always inside the chimney!)

Just don’t think anything about it, but TOUCH!!
Hope you enjoy this game!

And also, we hope that all of you have the great day of the year…

Marry Christmas!!

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