Santa's Giftship

Christmas 2011 saw the first news of Occupy North Pole protesters attempting to shut down Christmas. Early reports are coming in of elf operatives seeing occupiers nearing Santa’s workshop. Reinforcements are headed to the scene as well.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to man the deterring guns on Santa’s sled as he makes a last ditch effort to keep the workshop running and the gifts being made. Christmas is up to you.
Will you man the giftship tonight?

– The Peppermint Chain-gun
– The 130mm Snowball SAW
– The ground pounding Coal Cannon

-Precision control

Amazing magical north pole art will give you warm fuzzies as you blaze your way to Christmas Eve.

-No actual elves or occupiers were harmed in the making of this game-

Santa’s Giftship is only compatible with iOS 5 devices.

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