Santa’s Rookie

Over the last 50 years, the Chinese took over the international toy industry. They are younger, faster and most important cheaper.
The International Festive Comity is more interested in what the Chinese have to offer. Santa is not happy. Each year they’re cutting part of his toy production budget, limiting his channels of distribution and forwarding it to the Chinese.
The IFC said: “Santa is too old and too slow to cope with the fast paced modern world”.
The North Pole has to take a decision that will make Santa furious. “He should pass his skills to a younger apprentice”.

Game features:
Do you have what it takes to become the new Santa?
As the toy industry has become a very competitive ground, Santa has been losing a lot of ground… He doesn’t have the speed and accuracy he used to 100 years ago. Now Santa’s looking for the next candidate, the one with all those magical and outstanding capabilities to take his place.
Are you ready Rookie?
*An incredibly addictive game stacks gifts of the same color together.
*Go through 10 missions and the whole 90 Levels.
*Collect up to three stars in each level.
*Make use of your powers carefully and strategically in order to stack gifts in time.
*Complete the Santa outfit to become the New Santa!
*Play as a male or a female
*5 hours plus of strategy and adrenaline.

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