Santa Is Coming


Do u have any idea how Santa Clause rushes here?

This game showed the fantastic journey that how the Santa carries the Christmas presents to you!!!It is full of interesting puzzle solving and action elements during the journey!

You have to make your wisdom work, draw the rope, to help the Santa reach your chimney.At the same time, you need to evade the little animals like birds and spiders.During the journey, you should pick the bells in the air. Once you get enough bells, you will achieve the inconceivable Christmas presents! What’s more, you can use your achievements to decorate your Christmas tree! What are you waiting for? To create your own beautiful Christmas tree!!!

For children, it is also easy to operate. At meantime, they will understand the journey during the Santa send the presents is fraught with difficult. For adults, it is full of challenge as well!

Hope enjoy in the fantastic journey and Merry Christmas!!!

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