Santa – In The Valley Of Gifts (S.I.V.G: Christmas Special)

Hmm… hi!

Quite a Time back, When i was sleeping, I dreamt a beautiful place, a deep valley with beautiful sceneries and surprisingly a lot of gifts and yeah! SANTA CLAUS. And Thought of, Lets create a movie out of it. “Do i really!!! ???”, “umm…. naaah too costly”, “well aha.. Lets try to shape it into a fun game.”, “Good idea..!”, I said.

Not the complete dream is here but quite a part of it, in this game. Okay, Let me tell you the Story here only…
As we always start a story like “Once upon a..”, So… I saw, Once Upon a time, when Santa arrived his place, he found all his gifts and sweets were missing,
that he wanted to distribute to the kids. What happened?? let me tell you. An Evil had stolen all those gifts and sweets, before Santa actually arrive there.
He felt very sad, as the Christmas was just the next day and he had no gifts to distribute. Surprisingly, “as anything could happen in a dream”, a FAIRY dropped to the place and checked the situation. And… And what happened next!! Aahhaaa.. go play the game read the full story yourself.


> Fun and addicting game
> Incredibly fun and endless game-play. If you can grip hard your concentration, then sky is the limit to score.
> Day Mode / Night Mode
> Snow Fall
> Magic Powers (and more to Unlock)
> Collect Various Gifts
> Explode your Enemies
> Grab Bonus
> Three different Game Center Leaderboards to compete with your friends.
> Share to friends via Facebook/Twitter
> Send to friends via Email/SMS
> Very Pleasing sound tracks
> All absolutely FREE!!

S.I.V.G is an Universal App. Compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 1, 2, 3, mini.


GamePlay Video:

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Promo Video – S.I.V.G Animated Short Movie

SIVG also available on MAC App-store:

Merry Christmas :)

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