Sango Lite

Relive the action and drama of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era in this RPG strategy game. Choose your clan from over 10 historical factions and set out to conquer neighbouring cities during this tumultuous period of history! Select your generals in battle to create a strategy with some characters possessing special abilities to change the tides of the fight. Use your cunning and bravery to pave the way to victory!

• Simple UI: Create a path to victory by selecting an enemy city to attack and enter battle mode for head-to-head combat. Wear down the defences of a city to take control of it.
• Real-time battle: realistic combat as divisions square off to protect their flags and attack the enemy.
• Level up your generals through your battle experience.
• Formations: Set your divisions in formation before entering battle mode to maximize your strategy.
• RPG: Certain generals have special abilities such as the ability to strike fear, to confuse, to heal or to strengthen the attack of surrounding units so use your special characters tactically to maximize your chances of winning a battle.
• History: Detailed descriptions and portraits of over 200 historical characters from this era bring the story of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms to life.

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