Samurai Empire

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To Change device Register on “Nubee Platform”!
 →Tap on Bee on Top Left in Town to Register!


In two weeks after the release of Samurai Empire in Japan.
★ Ranked No. 1 in Game Rankings
☆ Ranked No.2 in Overall Rankings
★ Ranked No.1 in Card Rankings

■ Build your very own Japan Feudal Era Town!!
 Collect resources from your Town to hire Troops!
 Get buildings from rewards or Login Bonuses to place in your Town!

■ Conquer the Battle Field!
 Hundreds of Samurai to collect!
 Collect Treasures from Battle/Duel and Obtain Powerful Samurai!
 Form a powerful army and send them to the Battle Field!
 ”Fusion” & ”Evolve” Samurai to show their true powers!
 Build a “Aid Deck” that will support you with 60 warriors on top of your ATK Deck ・DEF Deck!

■ RIVAL RAID Arrives!
 Highlight of the game “Rival Raid”
 Be prepared to encounter Rival Raid in the midst of battle!
 Get Rewarded and build a powerful Deck!
■ Form a Guild and unify the Empire!
 Join forces with Guild members and face epic battles.
■ Interact with fellow players
 Form allies with fellow players in Forum and Subjugate Rival Raid!

■ Internet connection is required.
■ iOS version 4 or above is required.

【Basic gameplay is FREE】
■ You can play the basic features of Samurai Empire for free, like the free Capsule, or building your own empire.
※You can also purchase paid content to further enhance your game experience!
Developer: Nubee Tokyo

※Samurai Empire is an online game and Internet connection is required to play.
※Samurai Empire is a free-to-play game. However, to purchase of in-game items, you must have in-app billing set up.
Thank you for your support! We strive to make updates on a constant basis.
We are open to all suggestions and feedback from everyone!
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We implore your kind understanding that we may not be able to reply to all your messages.

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