Samurai Chess -Online-

The hottest chess game in the history of App Store come to you from Japan.

It will take you back to the feudal days and the dueling grounds of Samurai.
It is filled with “Bushido-style” in graphics, animations, and special effects.

You can play against the CPU or against each other in online match.
Beginners and experts can enjoy the CPU match with three levels of difficulty.
The “Expert” level is so challenging, the creators of the game cannot win.

An online match mode allows you to compete with iPhone/iPod Touch users around the world anytime, anywhere using Wi-Fi or 3G connection.
You may attack someone in surprise.
You may be intruded by a surprise attack.
Your records are reflected immediately in our worldwide ranking chart.
It is the best and truly one-of-a-kind online chess game.


-Three levels of difficulty

-The “Expert” level is truly Samurai level

-Online match with chess fans around world without charge

-Worldwide ranking system

-Great graphics using 3D modeling

-Animated Samurai action

-Multi-layered background

-Three background themes

-“Bushido” (the way of Samurai) taste Sound Effects

Samurai Chess, highly recommended for chess fans and Samurai fans around the world.
Let’s play!

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