Samotnik is a version of a 17th century puzzle peg solitaire. It is known by many names: peg solitaire, brainvita, solo noble or just solitaire.
The goal of a classic version is to remove all pegs from the board except for a single peg, usually left at the center of board, by jumping orthogonally over adjacent pegs to an empty position two fields away.

Over the years many new problems to solve have been created, involving different initial board setups or a goal of a specific pegs layout at the end rather than just leaving a solitary peg on board. Right now Samotnik has 80 of them for you to solve and more are coming soon. And if this is not enough for you, you can try to work those problems backwards or check how many moves you can save by solving boards with diagonal jumps available.


Classic mode:

* touch a peg,
* either drag it over a adjacent peg to an empty position two fields away horizontally or vertically; you can also just tap the target field to land your peg there,
* repeat until only one peg is left or you have pegs only on all marked fields.

Reverse mode:

* if there are no pegs on board, click anywhere to place the first one,
* select a peg,
* drag it over an adjacent empty field horizontally or vertically to an empty field two positions away,
* repeat until you have pegs on all marked fields of the board.

Sounds easy? Good luck!

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