Sally’s Health Salon

Hi pretty ladies and girls. I am Sally and this is my health and beauty salon. I know you are delicate and emotional. It is every girl’s birth right to look pretty and relaxed. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for the best free time management game or not, you would be surprised how addictive Sally’s Health Salon could become as your fingers are busy dragging and dropping, poking and cashing the finical girls, worn out business women and lardy ladies for hours and you may need a finger massage yourself afterwards . Don’t believe, ok just give Sally’s Health Salon a try and see for yourself. Good Luck!

This world is a tough place and even clans, zombies, warriors, ninjas and temple runners get fatigued and angry at times.

So come to Sally’s health salon. Sally’s salons is a cozy relaxing space where Sally would wipeout your fatigue and make you look beautiful by means of saunas, herbal oil massage, organic fruit and vegetable masks, manicure, pedicure and much more.

oEasy drag, drop and tap game play
oAccomplish every day’s goal to move to the next level
oUnlock items to earn more and keep your customers happy
oBe quick and manage your time and customers properly by having the eye on the colored time bar near the customer
oKeep an eye on the day meter as well

★ How to Play:
– Drag the customer to the proper salon’s station by looking at the icon just above the head
– Tap sally to give the required service
– Check if the client needs some other service otherwise drag her to the cash counter and tap Sally to bill her.
– Serve impatient girls with coffee or magazines to keep them calm and occupied

And don’t worry if you get into a cat fight or any other trouble we are always there to help you;

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