Sally Fashion Story

Oh Yes!! Guess whose back? It’s your very own Sally in Sally’s Fashion Story!!!

This time sally has a whole new look. She wants to become a star, a top model, a top stylist, someone people adore.
She wants to become the top celebrity and a famous star whose name is on everyone’s lips. Sally wants your help to become the top model and a star with absolute amazing style. Help her in her stylish quest. Find sally a prince charming a love she has been craving for. But you can only manage this when sally has become a star and is on the top of the charts. Style is the new in thing, which sally really needs right now.

Help her to achieve a style that is famous nowadays and make her become the top star she is. Time to become a top star and dress up your way to success.
– Choose from different Clothes
– Scores of unlockables to make Sally even better
– Share your designs with friends over Face book

All BGMs are the property of Kevin MacLeod. All rights reserved.
© 2001-2013 Kevin MacLeod.

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