Sail A Song

Top Paid Music Game in Germany!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“The graphics of Sail A Song is amazing. Superbly and tastefully well done, the animations and imagery of the app would appeal to any user… it is super addictive, and would be a sure hit with kids and adults alike… This app is highly recommended! Get it today!” (5 of 5 stars,

“Als beste Musik-App in Deutschland darf sich Sail a Song schon bezeichnen.” (

Sail A Song

You promised to bring your love the stars, and the only way to get them is by playing a song like sailing the sea. Be the wave of music beneath your little boat and make it jump to catch the stars coming your way. But don’t miss the fireflies to illuminate your storm lamps so you can find your way through night.

Start as an ordinary seaman and become a captain by catching more stars and passing more lighthouses.

Sail A Song is designed to be played listening to the music on your iPod. Play with a single song, a track list or shuffle. If you don’t have music, you can always play listening to the main theme.


– Beautiful illustrations
– Full Retina Display support
– Realistic physics
– embedded iPod functionality
– Great Ambient sound effects
– GameCenter Support

This game was made to crowdfund my new album and to celebrate the digital release of my acoustic album AHOI. If you are interested in my music, visit for more details (German).

Visit for background information and technical support.

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