Sadies Rock Pool: Hide And Seek

Sadie The Mermaid is playing Hide and Seek with her friends from her rock pool in The Wild Western Bays. Join Sadie, help her find everyone and collect precious gems and gold mermaid coins for your treasure chest.

Yollanda the Yellow Tang is well hidden in her favourite yellow coral tree and The Gossiping Goose Barnacles are really difficult to find; if they ever stop talking that is!
Mr Hobojangles The Hermit Crab uses the sea grass that grows on his shell for great camouflage.

This hidden object game is suitable and fun for children of all ages and features nine levels to test observation skills.

Sadie’s Hide and Seek features the beautiful, original art work of Arty Shrew. For more Sadie‚Äôs Rock pool fun or information visit

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