★★★★ Pocketgamer: “With RunSanity, Heliceum delivers a neat Runner Game which knows how to convice by its wild story and various modes” 8/10

★★★★ Addictoffiction: “RunSanity is definitely one of the best games in this genre and I do recommend it if you enjoy a good challenge and want to share your accomplishments with others.”

★★★★ Iphoneappreviewguy: “RunSanity is a very well done and nice looking iPhone app”

Top 1 game in Spain, Brazil, Italy and France! – More than 700,000 downloads already!

Dux, a nerdy high-school loser has a fiendish plan: turn all his classmates into dweebs, with the help of his evil dog! When dweebs take over the city, our hero Stan has only one solution: round up his buddies Ollie, Zee, Celeste and JM, and run to save the day!

But RunSanity isn’t just about running fast. RunSanity is about running FASTER than your friends!


– Discover a never-before-seen Challenge Mode to race with your buddies
– Pick a character, a track and a friend
– Discover a one-of-a-kind ghost system
– Bet virtual currency to raise the stakes!
– Become the king of your gang and world leaderboard


– Endless – 10.8 km long – Arcade Mode for hours and hours of fun
– Thrilling Story Mode with 30 levels introduced by animated sequences
– Truly intuitive yet heavy gameplay: just jump and boost!
– Special depth for gamers: brush against obstacles to achieve combos, gain boost and speed
– Easy boost collection through combos
– A wild take on life in a California high school
– 5 playable characters with their own stats, visuals and soundtracks.
– 30 hilarious costumes to improve your favorite character
– Really powerful power-ups (duh!)
– Incredible 2D graphics with an awesome 80’s vibe
– Impressive and high-quality animations
– Loads of collectible coins
– Tons of in-game and Game Center achievements

OS FEATURES: Retina display, iTunes library, Multitasking.

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