Running Penguin

The Sacred Statue, guardian of the penguin world, is missing overnight. The Penguin Island begins to collapse slowly, island residents are at stake.

Penguin warriors embark on the journey toward finding the statue. They will encounter difficulties, obstacles, and funny incidents all the way, please wait and see.

Running Penguin , the first out of crazy penguin’s triology, is a cross-platform puzzle casual game for all ages. Now the game is available for iPhone, iTouch and iPad. Players must use their brain to manipulate penguins to avoid traps and monster attacks, and find the Sacred Statue stole by the evil boss. Come on, save the penguin village!

* The game-playing technique is novel and leisurely; you can enclose and kill the monsters in the way!

* Humorous game style, more than 30 kinds of hilarious monsters, special props and hidden role to change your destiny.

* There are a variety of minigames hidden, use your brain(wisdom) to find them, so you will really enjoy the excitement and relaxation.

* The gravity model and virtual joystick will make you experience extraordinary incitation.

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