Running Jack

Jack is a nice armadillo who has to run through the forest avoiding obstacles and eating fruits. The armadillo has to jump and roll into a ball to get rid of the obstacles.

As you progress, the armadillo gets faster!


- Three game modes: Classic, Kids and Baby!
- Three tracks to run: Forest, Desert and North Pole, each one has different challenges!
- Two characters: Jack and Janine, a cute armadillo girl!
- Eat fruits to score!
- Get the cape to become the Super Jack and fly over the obstacles!
- Get the magic potion to become invisible and pass through the obstacles!
- Amazing graphics and animations!
- Cool sound effects and original soundtracks!
- This is an endless running game with growing speed, so run as long as you can!
- Online Ranking with all players all around the world in the Game Center!
- You can share your score on Facebook and Twitter!

Be warned! Highly addictive!

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