Runni X Nose2: Revengers

Evil wizard – “C” collected a lot of “APPLE”, a powerful energy source of unknown and surprising potential. He wants to use such power to subjugate the Earth. Ben Lake, director of Anti – Alien Force (AAF), received the mission to protect the earth.

In response to the attack from “C”, Lake reactivates the “Revengers”. He wants to recruit a new-born superhero – Carton man. Carton man rejected to join, so Lake fights and shows his power to convince Carton man.

Lake will meet a lot of teen – superhero during the journey. Let’s help Lake to recruit all of them and defeat Evil “C”.

Game Features
-Complete and continue to a story of real-life superhero.
-Shooting game: easy to reload and have upgradable weapon.
-Over 40 dynamic levels; face different style of enemies.
-Unpredictable action from enemies: Carton man and other enemies appear at once in different location.
-Over 20 different enemies with special suit and ability (some characters will be available in the updated version).

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