RunMoro, It`s a running game by simple gestures and touch.
Also, you can enjoy story book made by famous illustrator and voice actor.

★ Morotobi’s adventure V.1.0 – High praise from Kirkus Reviews (worldwide book review)
★ Voted as “Best Digital Book in 2011” by KOCCA
★ Educational game for kids to improve memory, judgment and quickness!

[How to play]
– Touch moro in order of gesture icons.
– Blow to your phone then Moro goes with the wind.
– Enjoy funny Moro`s motion like fart, falling down, jumping, tumbling and so on.
– The more you make combos, the faster pig runs.

[Option & Storybook]
– You can turn on/off bmg and sound on option menu.
– you can`t use blowing function after you turn off bmg.
– Sorybook`s text is Korean-English and you can change the languages by touching the text.
– You can open the closed boxes with gold coins.

[Purchase additional Storybook]
– You can get every trophies and achievement.
– You can find golden boxes when you run more over a certain distance or make many combos.
– Achieve a certain distance and you can get desert map.

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