Runic Skies


The life of an apprentice wizard is a tough one, on top of dusting the master’s spell books; you’ll even take up guard duty while everyone is away for battles. But wait, you know from past experience that evil lurks in the forest and comes in all forms and sizes. Be prepared as you notice the insects have stopped chirping, all you hear is the rustling of the forest edge… Defend yourself!

Defend the castle in separate stages, from the draw bridge to the great hall. Each level features different monsters with different bosses, defeat them to reap the rewards! All stages have 3 levels of difficulty for extended gameplay. Trace the runic spell patterns and bring your wrath of elemental spells onto the evil monsters!


-Defend the castle from various forest monsters
-Each of stage contains progressive levels of difficulty
-Trace the special runic spell patterns to activate the spells!
-Manage your spells carefully to maximize kills

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