Runaway UFO

Get ready to Runaway with a UFO? Here Comes a New Game For Everyone by KinBread Games.

Dodge and Weave through Waves of bullets while Rescue Alien Refugees. And remember More Danger, More Score!
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3 MODES : Time Attack, Wave Attack, Random Wave.
Play 35 Waves with Own Style to Destroy Your UFO.
6 Control Presets to Control.
OPEN FEINT Leaderboard and Achievements.
14 Achievement Trophies.
Local Game Playing Status.
Available Hard Mode After Clear all Waves.
Unique Graphic Style.

Time Attack : 200 Seconds Limited.
Wave Attack : Available About 10 Waves Only.
Random Wave : Not Available.

This Application does NOT Tested On All Device and Version. Download the LITE Version and Confirm that It Works Or Not.

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