Run Jump Explode

Run Jump Explode

Run and Jump but try not to explode! The doodle dude runs and runs but how far can you get before you fall or hit TNT and die? Avoid the hazards and get the high score!

Unlock new shield abilities to help you run further. SHIELD, ELECTRIC SHIELD, INVISI, SONIC BURST, BOTTOM RUN, SHOCKWAVE, and WARP.

Unless you’re the best you’ll see lots of explosions. Different awesome explosions for variety.

Unlock new hazards as you progress to make the game more fun and challenging. Boxes of TNT explode you. SPIKES skewer you. DYNAMITE will blast you. DEATH BARRELS will be your undoing.

● Doodle Dude
● Explosions
● Endless generated levels
● Collect shield pieces to use a special ability
● Unlock new abilities
● Unlock new explosions and hazards
● Game Center leader boards
● Arcade joystick compatible


Thanks for playing! We hope your Doodle Dude was not too badly mangled.

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