Run for Words

Get ready for some thrilling social gaming!

Run for Words is a social “running” game in which you create, play, and share unlimited games with your friends and family. Pick a special phrase or hidden message, build it into your game, and then share it with your friends to see if they can crack your code. Your friends will pick up letters along their run to discover your hidden message. As they travel down the road, they’ll encounter all sorts of roadblocks or special treats – whatever YOU decide to add to the game! You’ll enjoy countless hours of fun as you build and play new games with your friends.

*Touch and tilt controls to navigate your running characters.
*Your choice of characters, tricks, treats, roadblocks, and secret messages.
*Share games via Facebook, Email, or create your own user id.
*Win the game by guessing your friends hidden message before you run out of time, energy, or are chased down by other characters.
*Add hundreds of game elements to your games from a selection of 20+ elements — each with their own unique characteristics.
*Customizable game titles, winner, and loser messages for each game.

Who do you run with?

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