Run Alex Run

Run Alex, Run! is a simple yet addictive casual game. Move the device to track Alex’s journey away from various types of monsters. Alex needs to collect chest treasures but this is not a easy job with so many monsters around.

✔ Leaderboard: Compare your performance with your Facebook friends
✔ Facebook: Overtake your friends on Facebook during the game
✔ Brag yourself to your friends

*** 5 types of monsters ***
✔ Robert, the vampire
✔ Molly, the mummy
✔ Adele, the worm
✔ Tom, the skeleton
✔ Peter, the giant spider

Kids get fascinated, they just need to move the device, simple as that.
★ Beautiful graphics! Cute and fun monsters!
★ FREE for download
★ One of the best free fun addictive casual games
★ You and your family have fun for hours

Have fun while testing reflex and coordination. Perfect for all ages!

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