Rummy – 8 cards

Rummy is a card game, where the goal is to dispose your hand by laying out on the table matching sets or sequences or both.

– Similar to basic rummy (not gin rummy)
– Uses a standard deck of 52 playing cards
– 2 players, you and the AI
– Each player is dealt 8 cards
– Players take turns playing melds and layoffs
– A meld is either a set or a sequence
– A layoff adds to a meld
– Aces are always 1
– Play all 8 (or 9) cards in one turn to get a bonus
– The system tracks your score
– A win adds to your score; a loss, subtracts
– Best scores are posted to Apple’s Game Center
– Universal app
– Video demonstration available at website

– Feedback and suggestions most welcome
– If unable to rate/review, contact Apple support

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